And the award goes to…. St. Germain Liqueur

Good morning,

Sorry I haven’t been on through the month of July, it’s been hectic and of course there has been a couple of people enjoying the sun whilst leaving us to do the hard graft… Anyway, I thought I would make the first post in a while about St. Germain liqueur, a fantastic elderflower liqueur that has just won the 2010 Chairman’s Trophy for Best Liqueur at The Ultimate Beverage Challenge. Personally I think it is a great liqueur and there are many cocktails that can be derived from it, I had a French 75 with a touch of St. Germain and would recommend it to anyone. It can be purchased in Selfridges, Jerrys and any other could spirit store.

I have included a video of F. Paul Pacult, Judging Chairman of the Best Liqueur to give you more of an insight into why this won the award.

I promise to keep the blog more up to date now and provide a better insight into some weird and wonderful aspects of the cocktail world.

Thanks for reading (and watching)