It’s friday, so that must mean: Cocktail Friday!!

Well, this is going to be a weekly feature…  When I arrive back at home from the office, our household swears by a cocktail to start the weekend off.  What better way??  It can be any old cocktail, we don’t just swear to having new ones every week (even though we usually do) but we revisit some old firm favourites every now and again.  We’ve now figured out that my favourite cocktail is the Aviation, so we’re sticking with the Gin theme this week and going for the White Lady, still a classic and this is certainly one we’ve had before at our house, but we haven’t shared the joys of this drink here on our blog.

The White Lady was first created by Harry Macelhone, this is the mother of many classic twentieth century drinks. When he worked at Ciro’s Club in London, Harry originally made it with Crème de Menthe. In the 1920s, he moved to Paris and took over the legendary Harry’s New York Bar, changed his recipe to gin, and thereby created a cocktail masterpiece.

My preferred version of this cocktail is:

- 2 Parts Gin
- 1 Part Cointreau
- 1 Part Freshly squeezed lemon juice
- 1/4 Part Sugar syrup
- 1 Part Egg white

Give all the ingredients a good old shake and strain into a chilled champagne saucer.  Makes for a great cocktail and will certainly be my choice for this cocktail friday!

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